Tim Phillips – Atlanta
Scene Study, Audition Technique-on-going
Physical Life

Dustin Hoffman’s Master Class
One of the first Actors in MC to be personally critiqued by Mr. Hoffman

Crystal Carson – Los Angeles 
on camera, script analysis, scene study, audition technique

GregAlan Williams – Atlanta 
on camera, scene study, audition technique, improvisation, meisner

Cycerli Ash – Atlanta
meisner technique

Kristen Shaw – Atlanta 
audition technique, marketing, cold reading, scene study, monologue, commercial

Sara Mornell – Los Angeles 
script analysis, scene study, cold read

Zadia Ife – Los Angeles
acting fundamentals,  acting level 1, improvisation

Mark Saks – Casting Director – NY
Erica Arvold – Casting Director
Jackie Burch – Casting Director – Atlanta
Crystal Carson – Los Angeles
Ted Brunetti – Los Angeles

Voice-Over – Deborah Richards

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