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Hi. Welcome to my Actor's page. My name is Suzanne Salhaney. I'm an Actor in Film/Television/Commercial/Print and Voice Over Talent.

I'm not a huge fan of bios. Trust me, I know most of you hate reading them as much as I hate writing them...but I will try. I'd much rather meet you in person and talk your ear off about how much I love acting (my dream since I was a little girl). I love sharing stories with my actor friends about the business. I could talk about it all day, every day and never tire.

Of course I would also have to mention my latest venture...writing. I am in the process of writing TWO books. Well over 10 years in the making. Please stay tuned. Although I'd have to admit, I'm scared to death. Sharing intimate stories about one's life is never easy. There would also be a bit of name dropping during our conversation about all the fabulous people I've met throughout this crazy journey of mine so please don't judge...lol.

I'm passionate about many things in life. First, my lord and savior. My two incredible adult children, which are my biggest accomplishments. A son and daughter who inspire me daily.  They make me want to be a better person. I look at these gorgeous creatures and think, "I made them"!

Performing, dance and music are in my blood. I adore food. Love to entertain. I'm ethnic...we love to cook but love eating even more. As far as my cooking skills go...well, I have to say I spend a lot of time pretending I know what I'm doing. Yes to college football. "Roll Tide". I can get lost in a good movie or TV show. I have, and have always been a huge dreamer.

Born of  Lebanese decent. I'm the baby of the family. 5th daughter..."Oops baby", I'm sometimes referred to as. Yep, 5 girls. My poor daddy. Welcome to my big crazy Lebanese family. My Father, JP (Mr. Clean as he was referred too) passed March 2012, at 94. My amazing Mother, (Dottie or "hot dot") passed in March of 2020 at 95. They both were larger than life with  their "tough, tell it like it is", personalities. Underneath it all, they were the most loving, thoughtful and giving people I ever knew. And they could make you laugh in a heartbeat. So know you know where I get my strong and intimidating personality. But I can honestly and humbly say I attribute all my success and positive qualities to both of them. I wouldn't be where I am today without their input and support.

I decided at an early age I was destined to become a performer. My love and passion for the arts came early in life. Mom enrolled me in dance classes as soon as I could walk. The world of make-believe came easy. I spent my days and nights dreaming. I would create dance routines, skits and plays for anyone who would watch. After high school I started to train in ballroom, theater arts, salsa, disco and contemporary dance. Performing in competitions and choreography soon after.

Having grown up in a family owned and operated business, my old fashioned values and hard work ethic were instilled by my supportive and loving parents. I'm not one to take "NO" for an answer. My moto has always been, "I will never quit, no matter what". Rejection doesn't affect me. I see it as a challenge to learn and work harder. I am definitely a glutton for punishment. You have to be in this crazy business I love so much.

Over the past 30 years, I've built a successful real estate business. I'm the Owner and Broker of OpenHouseAtlanta Real Estate Group.

That's it for now. Thank you for stopping by.

Watch out world...here I come...


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